What You Need to Know Before Hiring A Home Inspector 


if you are planning to purchase a house, congrats! We are sure that there are many potential houses that you can consider. If you already have found a prospective house, you may need to have a further step of being critical about it before purchasing it right away.  


Many potential house buyers are considering to have the house inspected as a contingency in the house purchase agreements. This is a practical and wise decision as it allows the purchaser to know the potential issues of the house from the reports of these services. There are many trusted and efficient home inspections on Vancouver Island that you may want to try upon having a prospected house.  




The last thing you would want is to waste away your investment and fund out too late that the house you have bought has many issues and damages. Also, it is important to look for a reliable home inspection services in your area. The following are the things you need to consider: 


1.Referrals and review 

Before you jump into trusting an inspector, you need to make sure that he or she is worth the trust you give them as there could be inspections fraud that could happen if you become too passive and uncaring. It is important to ask for referrals from family and friends if they already have experienced an excellent quality of service, or you may search the internet and find some reviews of the company you have chosen. This way, you are given a holistic view of how the company provides services to its customers.  


2.Interview them with the correct questions 

Of course, interviewing does not need to be impolite, as this can also discourage professional and highly prominent inspectors to work with you. However, by asking these questions as respectful as you can, you will have a smooth flow of discussion that will eventually create a bond between you two.  

  • Are you licensed and certified to do the inspection? 
  • Are you bonded and insured? 
  • Are you working full-time? 
  • How long will the inspection take?  
  • Do you have some recent trainings? 
  • Can I ask for three references? 


  1. Identify what will be the inspection will cover.

A lot of home buyers expect too much or little from a house inspection. The American Society of Home Inspectors has provided a standard of practice and code of ethics that the customers could read to be well informed about this type of pf service. The following are the components that a home inspection generally covers: 

  • Cooling system 
  • Roof 
  • Walls 
  • Basement 
  • Attics and insulation 
  • Windows and doors 
  • Central heating 
  • Septic tanks 
  • Interior plumbing 
  • Electrical systems 
  • Molds 
  • Wiring 
  • Pest and roaches infestation 
  • Water damage 
  • Landscape 
  • And other structural components.  


Final thoughts 

When you have found the ideal home, the next step is to find a trustworthy home inspector. When you have done these two, rest assured that you will be taking care of what you have invested. Remember to follow the tips we give you before hiring a professional inspector and it will yield positive results.