Keeping Your House Clean to Avoid Covid-19 

It’s always crucial to keep your house clean. However, when a pandemic roll around, it’s perhaps more crucial than ever that you disinfect your house’s surfaces. Doing so can lower the possibilities of spreading germs and bacteria.  


Obviously, there is no way to ensure you won’t catch the virus. Luckily, if you take some special precautions and be always vigilant about keeping a clean house, you can drastically decrease the possibility of falling ill. 

However, where should you start? Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to disinfect and sanitize covid surfaces. 

Using Disinfectants in Your House 

Always read the directions on the label when utilizing a disinfecting product to kill bacteria on the surfaces of your house. This will help ensure effectiveness. Else, you might not be giving the product the chance to do its work.  

When disinfecting their houses, one of the most popular mistakes people make is not knowing that a household cleaner should usually be utilized on a surface before you can disinfect it. Also, you’ve got to ensure that you leave the disinfectant on the surface for the recommended time. You might also have to wipe the surface using a wet cloth after disinfecting. This will help remove any residue.  

Focus on Hot Spots for Germs 

You would have time to sanitize all surfaces in your house in a perfect world. Unfortunately, the time you’ve got to commit to cleaning is probably limited if you’re like most people. If so, you have to focus on sanitizing the most common hot spots for germs across the house. This includes every surface in your bathroom, pillowcases, towels, blankets, sheets, touchpads, keyboards, remote controls, tables, and much more. 

Also, you should always remember your phone while you’re cleaning everything. Whether you believe it or not, the screen of your phone is a lot dirtier than your toilet.  

Disinfectants or Cleaners? 

For beginners, know the difference between disinfectants and household cleaners. When properly utilized, a lot of household cleaning wipes and sprays will get rid of germs. However, you want to be utilizing a true disinfectant for the best results. A disinfecting wipe or spray will be the most effective at getting rid of bacteria that carry diseases and viruses. To ensure your wipes, sprays, and cleaners are truly disinfectants, make sure you check the label.  

Paper Towels or Sponges? 

A lot of individuals utilize microfiber cloths, sponges, and other reusable materials whenever they clean their houses. For almost every household cleaning project, this is fine. However, it is crucial to know that you have to clean or swap these products from time to time. Else, they’ll start to accumulate bacteria themselves.  

You might want to think about utilizing disposable products if you are doing a deep-clean of your house. This includes paper towels. It’s clearly a personal choice. However, you will not have the chance to contaminate your cleaning towels or sponges with bacteria if you use disposable products.  


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